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Filters: Production DepartmentProduction Assistant
Luv Bawdhankar | | 0 Reviews

I am a MBA graduate in the field of Media and Entertainment from Whistling Woods International, a film school in Mumbai specialized in Audio-Visual Production. ... Read more

Sagar Sondagar | | 0 Reviews

I have been in the line of production for over a decade. ... Read more

Pooja Bhadra | | 0 Reviews

I have been working as a Production assistant for few OTT platforms and TVC Ads ... Read more

Shift Charge:
2000 / Per 8 Hours Shift

Shirish Gathe | | 0 Reviews

I handle all the activities in pre production, production and post production also had some experiences in same, if you want any help in production contact me. ... Read more

Shift Charge:
4000 / Per 8 Hours Shift

Aishik Chakraborty | | 0 Reviews

I have assisted and managed productions and played the role of an AD for PurpleMonkey productions from June 2018-August 2019. After that I began freelancing for the same company till the lockdown began in March 2020. ... Read more

Shift Charge:
3000 / Per 8 Hours Shift

Garv Kothari | | 0 Reviews

I have worked as a assistant producer for BBC studios. ... Read more

Shift Charge:
5000 / Per 8 Hours Shift

Gurpreet Singh | | 0 Reviews

I have 2 years of work experience in film industry. In this 2 years, I have done several short film as a production assistant. Apart from this I have done project with FTII students. ... Read more

Shift Charge:
5000 / Per 12 Hours Shift

Aayansh Pandey | | 0 Reviews

I am a production controller from Mumbai with almost 5 years of experience in the industry. ... Read more

Shift Charge:
10000 / Per 12 Hours Shift

Daman Soni | | 0 Reviews

I am working as a Production Assistant for a AMAZON PRIME WEBSERIES. ... Read more

Abhishek Tripathi | | 0 Reviews

I have worked as a Assistant Producer for more than 4 years. ... Read more

Shift Charge:
5000 / Per 12 Hours Shift