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Rhyythmdeep | | 0 Reviews

I am RhyythmDeep , I am a lyricist, music composer and singer and have relevant experience in this industry, looking forward for more opportunities. ... Read more

Shift Charge:
25000 / Per 12 Hours Shift

Vikas Malviya | | 0 Reviews

I am Vikas Vishwakarma, i am a Singer, Music Director and composer and have experience of contributing to many projects as a singer. ... Read more

Shift Charge:
100000 / Per Project

Shefali Saxena | | 0 Reviews

An Impeccable Academic Background, Theatre Actor, Classical Training In Kathak Dance & Hindustani Vocal Music With A Professional Orientation is what makes Shefali Saxena a Master Of The Ceremonies. ... Read more

Shift Charge:
50000 / Per Project

Abhishek Prabhu | | 0 Reviews

. ... Read more

Shift Charge:
25000 / Per 12 Hours Shift

Vivek | | 0 Reviews

Vivek Hariharan is a versatile playback singer/ songwriter & producer in the Indian Entertainment industry namely, Bollywood, OTT and in Read More....

Shift Charge:
35000 / Per 8 Hours Shift

Dilann | | 0 Reviews

Hello everyone, I am a singer with decent professional experience. Looking out for certain good opportunities through this ... Read more

Shift Charge:
17000 / Per 8 Hours Shift

Akshay K | | 0 Reviews

A very responsible ,committed to work and positive minded individual. ... Read more

Shift Charge:
2000 / Per Project

Tapeshvar Kalia | | 0 Reviews

I am a playback Singer, a Music Composer and a Background Music Composer. I started this venture in Bollywood at the age of 19 and been learning and perfecting my skill as well as gaining Professional knowledge and exposure over ... Read more

Shift Charge:
200000 / Per Project

James Daniel | | 0 Reviews

I am an experienced Theatre Actor, Singer, Director and Technician. ... Read more

Shift Charge:
20000 / Per 12 Hours Shift

Rishiraj Pandey | | 0 Reviews

I am a Singer & Music Composer. I have been a part of various renowned projects. I also have my own production studio house where we produce Theme Songs, Radio Jingles, Folk Songs, Commercial songs, etc. ... Read more

Shift Charge:
100000 / Per Project