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Akash | | 0 Reviews

I am Aakash jain, I am a VO artist and have relevant experience in this industry, looking forward for more opportunities. ... Read more

Shift Charge:
15000 / Per 12 Hours Shift

James Roy | | 0 Reviews

I completed my Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism - New Media from the Sheridan Institute of Advance Learning and Technology in Canada. ... Read more

Shift Charge:
18000 / Per 8 Hours Shift

Girish P | | 0 Reviews

A Voice Actor with a versatile husky voice for Corporate, E-learning, Narration, TVC, Radio and promo ads, Animation, video games and Character voices. ... Read more

2000 / Per Project
1000 / Per Project
1000 / Per Project

Naveen Karthi | | 0 Reviews

I have been a reporter and can work as a VO artist. I have 3 year of experience in media industry. ... Read more

Shift Charge:
2000 / Per 8 Hours Shift

Arun Gogia | | 0 Reviews

I am an anchor and I've Hosted over 1,000 events in the last 7 years. Known for Dynamic Style & Spontaneity on Stage. Excellent at Communication in English & Hindi languages. ... Read more

Shift Charge:
20000 / Per Project

Manish | | 0 Reviews

I am a voice over artist from noida. looking forward for more opportunities. ... Read more

Shift Charge:
6000 / Per Project

Khushwinder Singh | | 0 Reviews

8+ years experience in the film industry. ... Read more

Shift Charge:
5500 / Per Shift

Pushap Bawa | | 0 Reviews

I am Voiceover artists provide the voice for films and television shows, documentaries, and do voiceovers in television and radio commercials. I started my career as a radio jockey in the beginning. ... Read more

Shift Charge:
5500 / Per 8 Hours Shift

Yatin Makkar | | 0 Reviews

I am Yatin Makkar and i'm a voice over and dubbing artist. I've done a paid Internship as a voiceover artist for three months where I had to make voice overs on daily basis about countries. ... Read more

Shift Charge:
5000 / Per 12 Hours Shift

Zankhana Broker | | 0 Reviews

I am passionate about voice overs and love to experiment with my voice on various projects. I believe that a voice can inspire people to act and respond. It's the power of our voices which can bring in the difference by mot ... Read more

Shift Charge:
6000 / Per Project