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Saahiel Bharadwaj | | 0 Reviews

I am a Creative Director equipped with extensive experience of over 16 years in copywriting and creating TVCs for national brands. Employ Read Mores....

Shift Charge:
30000 / Per Project

Surabhi Singh | | 0 Reviews

Hi, I am Surabhi, I worked with Times Internet as a video producer for its entertainment website ETimes. My work basically involved ideat Read Mores....

Shift Charge:
27000 / Per Project

Vijay Shanker Singh | | 0 Reviews

I am a talented, ambitious and smart working individual, with broad skills and experience in graphic design, content writing, video editing, report Read Mores....

Shift Charge:
5590 / Per Project

Anuraag Mahendru | | 0 Reviews

I am a Writer who loves entertaining audience on stage, motion picture, television, radio or other media. Being a professional Read Mores....

Shift Charge:
9000 / Per Project

Chandraddhar Rao Putta | | 0 Reviews

I am a filmmaker by profession.Before I join Filmmaking I was working in teaching profession.I love to create art and work with people who hav Read Mores....

Shift Charge:
25000 / Per Project

Akbar Hussain | | 0 Reviews

Hello, This is Akbar Hussain and I am a writer. MA in English Literature from Madurai Kamaraj University and a postgraduate diploma in Ad Read Mores....

1000000 / Per Project

Amol Bakshi | | 0 Reviews

Hi, This is Amol Bakshi, I am a writer. Age 46 years and counting. Indian. Thinks in the language of the hearts of the audience and is ab Read Mores....

Shift Charge:
50000 / Per Project

Raghav Parmar | | 0 Reviews

Aspiring and highly-motivated narrative writer and director with years of story writing experience along with specialization in directing.Eager to Read Mores....

Prakhya Shrivastava | | 0 Reviews

A communication professional with 15 years of Active News Room experience. Presently working as freelance content writer & curator. I Read Mores....

Shift Charge:
12000 / Per Project

Moin Khan | | 0 Reviews

Hello, My name is Moin Khan. A film lover turned film maker, I have been working in this landscape for over 6 years. Love to tell extraordinary sto Read Mores....

Shift Charge:
30000 / Per 8 Hours Shift