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Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu | | 0 Reviews

Hello, I am Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu, (Literary Doctorate and The Scholar), social media and Gigs Management Specialist. I am also a conten Read Mores....

Shift Charge:
100000 / Per 8 Hours Shift

Moin Khan | | 0 Reviews

Hello, My name is Moin Khan. A film lover turned film maker, I have been working in this landscape for over 6 years. Love to tell extraordinary sto Read Mores....

Shift Charge:
30000 / Per 8 Hours Shift

Gourav Ghosh | | 0 Reviews

An award-winning filmmaker with over 12 years of experience in Fiction, Documentary & Corporate filmmaking, I have made over 30 independen Read Mores....

Shift Charge:
10000 / Per Project

Aachath Akshay Menon | | 0 Reviews

I hail from a town called Aluva near Kochi, Kerala. While my initial school years were In Aluva but my major growth took place in Doha, Qatar. Read Mores....

Shift Charge:
50000 / Per 8 Hours Shift

Kumar Atharv | | 0 Reviews

Hi, I am Kumar Atharv and I am a Screenplay Writer with exceptional visual and creative skills.  Although I have written some script Read Mores....

Shift Charge:
10000 / Per 8 Hours Shift

Ram Singh Choudhary | | 0 Reviews

Hi, I am Ram Singh Choudhary, I am a Writer and Assistant director with exceptional visual and creative skills.  With 5 years o Read Mores....

Shift Charge:
15000 / Per Project

Prateek Nuti | | 0 Reviews

I am a Bitsian and I am on the core team for the department of visual effects there. I shoot, edit, write, and color grade all the after Read Mores....

Shift Charge:
10000 / Per 12 Hours Shift

Kushal Jadhav | | 0 Reviews

Hi, I am Kushal Jadhav, working as a professional writer, director, cinematographer, film/video editor for more than 15 years. Read Mores....

Shift Charge:
25000 / Per 12 Hours Shift

Jugal Raja | | 0 Reviews

Passionate to work and deliver the best product. Worked on a small budget and big-budget films. Read Mores....

Shift Charge:
20000 / Per Project

Vipin Kumar Srivastava | | 0 Reviews

I have worked as ‘Creative Writer & Post-Production Supervisor' with ‘AEON PICTURES’ on Various projects such as Mon Read Mores....

Shift Charge:
5000 / Per 12 Hours Shift